The Head Office of Park Health Clinics is based at 40 Boyn Valley Rd Berkshire SL6 4ED . The company provides medical services, using CQC registered doctors, from a number of private clinics (which are also registered with the CQC), in and around the South-East, as well as in patient’s homes.

Statement of Purpose

The practice provides personalised private General Practice services on a registered and non- registered basis, including Cosmetic, Sexual Health and Musculoskeletal specialist services.


Patients of Park Health Clinics can register for Gold Membership and will be able to see a GP or use any of the services privately.  Registered patients will pay £100 as a one-off registration fee. Patients must give one months notice of their intention to leave the service in writing to Park Health Clinics Head Office.

All Registered Gold Member patients are entitled to free telephone consultations with a GP in normal clinic times, (8am to 6pm).  This must be pre-booked in advance. Gold Member patients will have priority appointment slots and we aim to see patients within 24 hours of requesting an appointment.

Consultations with a doctor or nurse at one of our clinics in routine surgery opening hours will be charged at the   standard rate as advertised on the website.  Appointments are for 20 minutes.  If a longer appointment is required there may be additional charges.  Gold Members will pay a discounted fee.

Outside of normal clinic hours (6pm-10.30pm), there is access to GP telephone advice for Gold Members only.  Telephone consultations at this time may be subject to a charge.

Home visits and out of hours consultations are charged at a premium as per website.  Gold Members receive a 10% discount.

Any drugs dispensed during consultations will incur an additional charge but there is no additional charge for a prescription issued during a face to face consultation.

Any blood tests or radiological tests are charged in addition to the consultation as per the website.  Results will be emailed or posted free of charge, however, if the patient wishes to discuss the results with the doctor there is an additional charge of £50 for a consultation over the phone (free to Gold Members) and £79 during a face to face consultation, (£39 to Gold Members).

Cosmetic, Sexual Health and Sports Medicine consultations are charged separately as per the website.

Non-Registered patients may be seen where there is sufficient capacity in the service, but this is not guaranteed, especially at busy times of the year. These episodes are charged on a pay as you go basis as per the website. Payment for all appointments must be paid at least 24 hours before the appointment.  Out of hours consultations are only available to Park Health Clinics members.  On some occasions and depending upon availability this service may be available to non-members.

Patients can also be registered with a NHS general practitioner at the same time as being registered at Park Health.  We would recommend that you obtain copies of your NHS medical records, from your NHS GP on joining Park Health Clinics, in order that we can maintain continuity of care.

If appointments need to be cancelled or postponed, we ask for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.  If this is not provided the full cost of the appointment must be paid.  If a patient has booked for a vaccine and is too ill on the day to have the it, the patient must notify Park Health Clinics at the earliest opportunity and the appointment will be re-scheduled, refunds are not available.

Fees and Payment

There is a one-off registration fee.

There is no charge for credit or debit card payments. With exception to AMEX which incurs an addition charge of 5%

Any tests or additional services carried out at the time of the appointment must either be paid for at the time the service is provided or will be invoiced for, with a term of 14 days.

We will not hold credit card or debit card details, unless a patient requests Park Health Clinics to hold their financial data, this will be held in line with Financial Services Regulations.

Payment Terms

All fees must be paid at the time of making the consultation or in some cases on arrival at reception.  We accept credit/debit cards, BAC’s transfers, and cash. Payments for additional services provided can be made in person after appointments or the patient can call the office to make payment. We will provide a receipt for all payments which may be used to claim reimbursement from your health insurance should you have cover.

Further treatment will only be offered at the discretion of the doctor for any patients who have outstanding accounts.

Cancellation / Non- attendance Policy

Park Health reserve the right to levy an administration fee for any such non- attendances which will be set at the consultation fee if less than 24 hours’ notice is given. In addition, Park Health Clinic reserve the right to terminate the contract where a patient has habitually not attended booked appointments or not paid for services in a timely manner.

Patients will be notified in writing after three non-attendances or continuous delays in payments. Non- registered patients are advised that in booking an appointment they are reserving the doctor’s time exclusively for their treatment. Credit/debit card details are taken at the time of booking an appointment for any new patient.

We require 24 hours’ notice for the cancellation of any appointment to avoid incurring the administrative cost of the booked treatment.

Telephone Advice

Telephone advice from the doctor is offered free to registered Gold Members. Members of staff may offer advice, for example on the services we provide or general healthcare information.

Non – Registered patients will be charged for these consultations as per the web site.


Prescriptions issued at the time of the face to face consultations are free of charge to all patients.

Prescriptions made as a result of a telephone consultation are chargeable at £25 to all patients.  Note, no prescriptions can be issued to new patients before they have had a face to face consultation. Requests made for repeat prescriptions can be arranged via telephone. These prescriptions will be posted to the patient’s address with a 1st class stamp.

Emergency prescription, where the prescription is faxed directly to the pharmacy on the day (or next available working day if requested out of hours), are charged to all patients at £50.

Letters & Other forms of Doctor Administrative Duties

All letters provided by the doctor are £50, unless it is a simple referral, where the fee is £39.  All patients are subject to these charges.

Copies of medical records are supplied at a charge of £50

A simple status of Health Letter is £50

Completion of medical reports are priced individually depending upon the depth of detail required by the doctor.

All additional copies of receipts and invoice are free of charge,

Communication and Confidentiality

If patients have any preference as to the method of our communication, please inform the doctor or practice manager.

We have thorough standards in the maintenance of confidentiality, appreciating that many of our clients also need discrete access to services.  All our written and electronic communications and data recording comply with current legislation.


Our Doctors, Nurses and Premises are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission.

All our doctors are fully insured for all services they provide.

We are required to comply with the principles and values on which good practice is founded as laid down by the General Medical Council.

The medical practitioners of the clinic are all subject to regular appraisal and adherence to the process of continuing medical education under the auspices of the relevant Royal Colleges.

Data Protection Act 1998 see policy

We observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the data protection principles in relation to personal data. By agreeing to these terms, you are agreeing to the processing of personal data to enable us to carry out work on your behalf. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right to request details of your personal data held by us.


Park Health Clinics are fully committed to providing a high quality private medical service to all patients. All practice staff recognise that there may be occasions when patients may wish to complain about some aspect of the healthcare service which has been offered or received. If you feel you wish to discuss an issue, or indeed make a complaint, we would kindly ask that you bring this to the attention of a member of practice staff as soon as possible. This complaints procedure ensures that your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Verbal Complaints If you wish to speak to someone about an aspect of the service, please try to do so as soon as possible, preferably before you leave the clinic premises. Practice staff will make every effort to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. If your concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction, you will be advised on the process to make a formal written complaint.

Written Complaints

This is a summary of our complaints process but a full copy is available of the website

All written complaints should be addressed to Ms Jennifer Duran , Business Manager at the practice address: 40 Boyn Valley Rd, Maidenhead, SL6 4ED. Please describe as fully as you can the nature of your complaint stating the following information.

  • What are you unhappy about
  • When the incident took place
  • What clinic staff were present at the time
  • Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within two (2) working days of receiving the letter, unless a full reply can be sent to you within five (5) working days.

Ms Duran will carry out a full investigation of the nature of your complaint and offer to meet with you in order to resolve the issue/s. You will receive a full written response within twenty (20) working days of the complaint being received.

If a full response cannot be given within twenty (20) working days of receiving your complaint, Ms Duran will write to you to explain the reason for the delay. You will receive a full written response within five (5) days of a conclusion being reached.

Care Quality Commission

If you are still unhappy about the outcome of your complaint, you may wish to contact the Care Quality Commission, the organisation that regulates our doctors. The address is: Care Quality Commission, Citygate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4PA. Telephone: 03000 616161. Internet:

Please be assured that Park Health Clinics will deal with all complaints confidentially and following investigation, will consider making changes to the private medical service to improve the healthcare services on offer to all patients.