Park Health offers leading private health care in Frimley. We always aim to offer only the highest possible standards of health care to our patients.

During our years of service we have provided expert medical help to some of the top professionals in the sports and business industries. We have tailored our service over the years to reflect the kind of clientele that we treat and they have come to expect only the best treatment and customer service.

We are proud of our team which contain only the best and most experienced professionals from the industry, all of which has over ten years’ plus experience in the private health care Frimley arena.

Why Choose Private Health Care Frimley?

We take pride in our staff, facilities and equipment, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that we’re able to offer only the best clinical surroundings to our private health care Frimley clients. We have always firmly believed that the key to expert medical care is experience.

Given that a lot of our clients are often in the public eye, we offer home visits, in order for us to ensure that our services are available to those who are unable to visit the clinic in person.

What Can Our Private Health Care Frimley Services Offer?
Our private health care Frimley services have been tailored to those who lead busy lifestyles and benefit from a more customised approach. We can offer leading private health care Frimley to those who are looking for the latest treatments and want to fit them around their schedules.

We can offer:

  • Private GP services, which includes video and telephone consultations.
  • Fast appointments: specialist care is available much quicker than in normal circumstances.
  • Membership entitles you to access a medical practitioner 24/7.

All of our professionals have worked in the NHS for years, we know there is no substitute for real experience within the industry. All our staff have full insurance, and have their performance assessed annually.


Our members are individuals who must be on top of their game. Members include sports men & women, from Premiership footballers through to Olympic Gold medal winners, business executives and entrepreneurs that lead hectic, fast pace lives, and performing artists, both on the stage and film. We excel in meeting our members’ every health need so that they can excel in life.